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Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs

Together@FGGA – Together towards a safe, inclusive and balanced work environment

We strive to make our faculty a place where all staff members feel safe to communicate and work with colleagues, included in social and professional interactions, and are supported in their work-life balance. Together@FGGA is a collection of relevant policies, initiatives and resources for staff and managers.  On this website, you will find links to relevant courses and events, information on contact persons at FGGA and links to relevant resources, including reading materials, policy documents and guidelines.

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Over the course of the coming two years (and beyond), we will dedicate extra energy, time and funding into realising relevant interventions that will bring FGGA closer to its vision: a safe, inclusive and balanced work experience for all their staff.  

All interventions are grounded in the framework consistent of the university’s major policies and guidelines such as the leadership model, the strategic plan, the Diversity & Inclusion Workplan, the HR Strategy and the various Codes of Conduct.  

Initiatives will be grouped around 6 themes:  

  1. Lead by example 
  2. HR as trusted partner 
  3. Clear and findable resources 
  4. Awareness raising 
  5. Knowledge and skill building 
  6. Adjustments to core processes 
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