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This network’s primary goal is to promote a more inclusive working and learning environment. The network will focus specifically on issues, rather than a specific group among staff members, in order to ensure an inclusive dialogue and approach.

LUDEN’s goal is to promote a more inclusive working and learning environment

This network takes up:

  1. Issues of exclusion within the university using an approach that recognises that gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, disability etc. intersect with each other.

  2. Supporting international staff and underrepresented groups through activities that allow the sharing of knowledge and experiences, facilitate dialogue and consultation, and contribute to community building.

  3. The network collaborates with colleagues at various levels and organisational departments, in particular HRM, Student and Educational Affairs, and Communication & Marketing on relevant issues such as recruitment, diversity and inclusion in curricula and in the classroom, as well as the way in which the university presents itself to the outside world.

  4. The network contributes to the visibility, recognition, and resolution of issues related to racism and other forms of exclusion within the working and learning environment of the university by collaborating with different partners within the university and by advising the Executive Board based on its scholarly expertise in this area.

This is what the network does:

  1. Organise events that promote a more inclusive work and learning environment within the university.

  2. Coordinate and consult with various partners and divisions within the university in relation to issues of diversity and inclusion in the work and learning environment.

  3. Offer support for staff and students dealing with issues of exclusion and discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, and disability.

Being true to the motto Praesidium Libertatis means that as a university we should offer a work and learning environment that is safe, diverse and inclusive. This should be an environment free of intimidation, bullying, and discrimination, where staff and students prosper in their joint pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment regardless of gender, race, socio-economic background, religion, sexual orientation, and disability. While most of us as individual members of the university community subscribe to these aspirations, our community as a whole too frequently falls short in providing such an environment.

Difficult experiences members of underrepresented groups are confronted with that are linked to discrimination, bullying, and more subtle forms of exclusion often remain invisible for the broader university community. Our network provides a space to approach issues which remain difficult to discuss yet are crucial to address in order to promote an inclusive university community that is safe for everyone.

The group aims to bring together academic staff, PhD students, and support staff regardless of background, dedicated to the promotion of an inclusive work and learning environment. The network wishes to incorporate members from all faculties, and from a range of positions and backgrounds.

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