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This network’s primary goal is to promote a more inclusive working and learning environment. The network will focus specifically on issues, rather than a specific group among staff members, in order to ensure an inclusive dialogue and approach.

This network will take up:

  1. issues of race and ethnicity, while also maintaining an intersectional perspective (which means taking up an approach which recognises that race, ethnicity, class, gender, LGBT+ issues, ability etc. always and necessarily intersect with each other).
  2. The network aims to offer support to international staff and racial and ethnic minorities among staff, in the form of activities which allow the sharing of knowledge and experiences, facilitate dialogue and consultation, and contribute to community building
  3. The network wishes to collaborate with colleagues at various levels and organisational departments, in particular HRM, Student and Educational Affairs, and Communication & Marketing on relevant issues such as recruitment, diversity and inclusion in curricula and in the classroom, as well as the way in which the university presents itself to the outside world.
  4. The network wishes to contribute to the visibility, recognition, and resolution of issues related to racism and other forms of exclusion within the working and learning environment of the university by collaborating with different partners within the university and by advising the Executive Board based on its scholarly expertise within this area.

This is what the network does:

  1. Bring issues to the attention of, and offer advice to the Executive Board and the faculty boards
  2. Provide information based on expertise in the area of diversity among members of the network
  3. Coordinate and consult with various partners and divisions within the university in relation to issues of diversity and inclusion in the work and learning environment
  4. Offer support for international and multicultural staff and students

This is what we want to achieve:

  1. diversity and inclusion in recruitment and promotion policy
  2. diversity and inclusion in the curriculum
  3. working toward the documentation and recognition of experiences of exclusion, in particular with respect to race and cultural background within the university environment
  4. the organization and development of activities which contribute to a more inclusive work and learning environment

The group aims to bring together staff members regardless of background, dedicated to the promotion of an inclusive work and learning environment. This will mean in particular members with an international background, as well as racial and ethnic minorities among academic staff (UD, UHD, HGL) PhD students, and support staff (OBP) but will also include allies who do not identify as members of a minority group. The network wishes to incorporate members from all faculties, and from a range of positions and backgrounds.

The need for a platform to discuss issues facing in particular, but not exclusively, staff members and students with an international or multicultural background, was highlighted during several occasions. Issues which relate to the experiences of international and multicultural staff members are not only largely invisible, but also often highly sensitive in nature. Staff members from diverse backgrounds are increasingly committed to contributing to a more informed dialogue. This platform provides a space to approach issues which remain difficult to discuss yet are crucial to address in order to promote an inclusive university community.

  • María Gabriela Palacio Ludeña, University lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities - chair
  • Larissa Schulte Nordholt, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Humanities
  • Amir Ali Abadi, Teaching/Research Staff Member at the Faculty of law

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like to become a member and/or support the work carried out by LUDEN, please send a message to luden@leidenuniv.nl.

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