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Our vision of diversity

Leiden University endorses inclusiveness and diversity. It is open to all those who wish to study or work here, and to develop their full potential. The University is an open community where everyone who wants to contribute to its ambitions and to all that it stands for will feel at home and have equal opportunities.

Since 2014, Leiden University has a diversity policy which sets itself the goal to promote a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment for all staff and students. Within the Executive Board, Chairman Professor Annetje Ottow is portfolio holder of the Diversity and Inclusion policy for the Executive Board. Diversity Officer Aya Ezawa directs the D&I policy and advises faculties, expertise centres and directions about diversity and inclusion.

Main objectives of our D&I policy

  • Students: increasing diversity of student intake and promoting the successful completion of studies, in particular of students with a migration background.
  • Teaching and learning environment: promoting an inclusive learning environment through inclusive curricula, courses and pedagogy.
  • Employees: promoting diversity (with respect to gender, LGBQTI+, disability and ethnic and cultural diversity) among employees in all positions. Promoting expertise in the area of diversity and inclusive leadership among all employees.
  • Research: promoting diversity of applicants and inclusive research.
  • Learning and working environment: promoting an accessible and inclusive learning and working environment, attention to inclusion in university publications and events.
  • Promoting social safety and inclusion and countering racism in the learning and working environment.

Policy plan

The activities and projects connected to these main objectives are formulated in the Diversity and Inclusion Work Plan.

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