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This Leiden Law School page provides various information on Diversity & Inclusion at the faculty. It explains why D&I are key objectives, lists our current D&I projects, and outlines the faculty’s plans for improvements in these areas.

In the video below, Dean Joanne van der Leun shares her view on Diversity & Inclusion and speaks about her mission and vision for the coming 5 years at Leiden Law School. Faculty D&I Coordinator Susanne Deen explains how together we can achieve more diversity among students and staff and plots the route to a more inclusive learning and work environment.

Stay informed here about current D&I projects at Leiden Law School. If you have questions, ideas or would like to get involved, please contact the Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator, Susanne Deen.

Dean Joanne van der Leun's message

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Susanne Deen - Faculty Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator

'In my position as Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator at Leiden Law School, I hope to create a strong sense of ‘we’ at both faculties, so that everyone feels at home irrespective of background, gender or skin colour', says Susanne Deen.

Susanne Deen

'By working on projects with fellow colleagues at the faculty, the themes of diversity & inclusion will increasingly become embedded in faculty policy and, perhaps more importantly, in our (organisational) culture. The ultimate goal is for D&I to become a matter of course throughout the entire faculty – no longer seen as a separate, isolated theme. Specific projects include among others: professionalising a diverse and inclusive recruitment process; striving for an inclusive way of communicating; accessibility of information for all; an inclusive way of teaching; and creating dialogue about an inclusive curriculum.'

'Diversity and inclusion are challenging and interesting topics, but also sensitive. When you get to the heart of the matter, friction can arise and underlying problems emerge. For me, that is the reason to make a difference and encourage people to get involved in these issues. Perhaps for the very reason that my skin colour is white, and I have learned to understand that we all have to play out part in increasing diversity and improving inclusion.'

'I realise that we all have unconscious biases, you have to accept that. This is about taking responsibility for what you do with these unconscious biases and if they affect your actions. If you want to change this, then you have to start with yourself. That’s why we are organising implicit bias training courses at the faculty, open to all staff. During these courses, you discover your own unconscious biases and you can take action to reduce these and create a more open view. This is a skill that has tremendous potential for achieving effective cooperation and improving inclusion.'

'As you can see, there are more than enough projects at the faculty to keep me busy in the coming months! Are you interested in getting involved in these issues? You are very welcome to get in touch with me.'

'My ultimate goal is that my role as D&I Coordinator will eventually disappear and that all students and staff at Leiden University will continue to achieve more diversity and that inclusion will be something taken for granted in our society.'

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