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Animated video in Dutch about corona specially for children

A Dutch-language video shows children their new life during the corona crisis and gives them some guidelines to help them feel less worried. The short animated video was made by two German researchers with whom child psychologists Anke Klein and Annelieke Hagen are working. ‘With our translation, this animated video is now available in Dutch for children and parents.’

‘As researchers, we want to do something for children in the current situation,’ says Leiden child psychologist and remedial education specialist Anke Klein. Klein’s specialist field is anxiety in children. ‘We believe it is very important to share reliable information and provide guidelines that reflect the latest scientific insights.’ 

Video specially for children

‘There’s a lot of good information on corona available online for adults, but very little for children,’ Klein explains. ‘Now there’s a short cartoon film in Dutch, specially for children. It features children who are worried about corona and who are bored sitting at home without their friends.’ The film offers children a listening ear and gives them tips on how to structure their day. 

Children’s worries and concerns about corona and what you can do

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The three-minute cartoon film featuring children’s voices speaking in German has been viewed 26,500 times since 25 March. It includes a link to a Viennese YouTube video with a general explanation of corona specially for children. The film has already had more than a million views and is now available in Dutch.

Corona explained for children

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About Anke Klein

Anke Klein is Assistant Professor in Leiden’s Department of Development and Educational Psychology, where she works with development psychologist Michiel Westenberg. Klein collaborates with researchers spread throughout the world. She has lived in different countries, including Australia and Germany, and worked with such eminent specialists as Ron Rapee and Silvia Schneider. She obtained her PhD with distinction in the field of anxiety in children. Klein is also affiliated with the Leiden University Treatment and Expertise Centre (LUBEC) as a child psychologist and remedial educationalist. New intervention techniques are developed at LUBEC to treat stress and anxiety complaints in children and young people from 6 to 18 years old.  

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