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Help track coronavirus with the LUMC’s COVID Radar app

Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) has just launched its COVID Radar app. Users of the app are asked to regularly complete a short questionnaire about their health, regardless of whether they are ill or not. This will give the researchers a good idea of the current spread of coronavirus in the Netherlands. Anyone can download the app and help out.

Users of the app are asked to regularly, and preferably daily, answer 15 questions about their health and behaviour. The data will be analysed and used for scientific research. The researchers want to gain a better understanding of how the epidemic is developing, who is at most risk, what the effect of social distancing is and when and where we can expect people to require healthcare. The information will also be used for advice and policymaking.

Download the COVID Radar app

Help gain a track the spread of coronavirus by using the COVID Radar app. Anyone in the Netherlands can participate in this research. The more participants, the more reliable the data. The app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from www.lumc.nl/covidradar.

App users can also view the data in the app: a map of the Netherlands shows the answers per postcode area and how these change over time. You can also filter on the different symptoms in the questionnaire. The dataset with national data is also available to other medical organisations and research centres.

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