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Andrea Evers in the media about the corona measures and behaviour

Health psychologist Andrea Evers has been invited by several Dutch and international media to talk about the coronavirus and the measures taken by the government with regard to public health.

TBS eFM- Radio station in Seoul

Discussion on the UK's omicron emergency call and overall insights into the spread of Omicron nationwide

Dutch media

Andrea Evers on the coronavirus (in Dutch)

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment

Andrea Evers talks about Corona in several Dutch media in her role of member of the Scientific Council for Advice on Corona, Behavioural Unit (Wetenschappelijke Adviesraad Corona Gedragsunit) of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, for the disciplines of E-health, health psychology, life-long healthy lifestyle, stress and expectations.
National Institute for Public Health and the Environment COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

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National broadcast special on the coronavirus, with Andrea Evers talking with journalist Rob Trip (left) and Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of the city of Rotterdam
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