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Two newly appointed PhD candidates for ELS

As of March 16 two PhD candidates have joined the project Empirical Legal Studies as part of the sector plan for Law.

Kimia Heidary is appointed on the research project “An empirical legal examination of online price discrimination, justice, and regulation”. Her supervisors are Professor Bart Custers, Professor Jean-Pierre van der Rest, and Dr Helen Pluut. Kimia has a dual background in law and communication science. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in law from Utrecht University and two master’s degrees, in Persuasive Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam and in Private Law (specialisation in Intellectual Property Rights) from Utrecht University. Her current project aims to gain insights into the perceptions and behaviours of consumers, users, and regulatory actors regarding different forms of price discrimination and the implications for market regulation.

Sarah Vandenbroucke is appointed on the research project “Compliance with fundamental labour rights through codes of conduct in the global supply chain”. Her supervisors are Dr Yvonne Erkens, Dr Helen Pluut, and Professor Willem van Boom. Sarah has a dual background combining human rights and labour law with sociology. She obtained a master's degree in European Law at Leiden Law School in 2017 and a master's degree in European Labour Studies from the University of Amsterdam and Toulouse University in 2018. After completing her studies, Sarah gained work experience at EU institutions and the International Labour Organisation. Her current research project focuses on the protection of fundamental labour rights in global supply chains and aims to investigate soft law and its effectiveness as an alternative form of regulation.

Kimia and Sarah are part of the Department of Business Studies. Despite their unfortunate start due to the corona crisis, we would like to extend a warm welcome to them and wish them good luck with their respective research projects!

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