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Advanced Master Law and Digital Technologies - Leiden University

Law and Digital Technologies (Advanced LL.M.)

How does the digitisation and mass distribution of creative work affect intellectual property rights? In what ways can digital technnology regulations evolve to better protect individuals and organisations from identity fraud or security breaches? Leiden University’s Master of Laws in Advanced Studies in Law and Digital Technologies (L.L.M.) examines the legislation and governance regarding internet, computers, mobile devices, persuasive technologies and ambient intelligence.

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Simone van der Hof


Simone van der Hof

“The emergence of digital technologies raises many fundamental and complex legal challenges that professionals and scholars must be able to address in their work. This programme provides you with advanced knowledge and practical skills to find answers in this demanding, international and interdisciplinary environment.”

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What does this master's programme entail?

Technology has become an important issue in almost every area of national and international law practice. Today, people are constantly confronted with concerns of privacy, personal data protection, cybercrime and cybersecurity. New uses for technology are often developing more rapidly than the law itself, creating interesting challenges for legal professionals and scholars. Our programme Law and Digital Technologies (LL.M.) will equip you with both theoretical knowledge and professional skills necessary to thrive in an interdisciplinary, global environment.

Reasons to choose Law and Digital Technologies at Leiden University?

As a student of the Law and Digital Technologies programme, you will benefit from:

  • Multidisciplinary learning: You will develop expertise on the law and governance of the internet and digital technologies, focusing on regulatory theory (internet governance and techno-regulation) as well as national and international law (hard law, soft law and case law).
  • Excellent reputation: Leiden Law School has developed its reputation for excellence by combining a high level of academic teaching with acclaimed and innovative research. Its tradition of quality attracts prestigious professors and professionals from around the world who teach you in a challenging and supportive atmosphere.
  • International environment: In addition to the international focus of the curriculum, the unique blend of students and instructors that represent all continents makes our programme a truly global experience.

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Is Law and Digital Technologies the right programme for you?

Are you interested in learning more about complex legal and regulatory issues related to the development and convergence of digital technologies? Law and Digital Technologies is a focused and demanding postgraduate programme that will foster your knowledge of this ever-growing field. It is aimed at both legal professionals and top graduates who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge of law and digital technologies from an international and multidisciplinary perspective.

Read more about the entry requirements for Law and Digital Technologies.

Chat with a student

Do you have a question about studying at Leiden University or student life in Leiden? Do you want more information about the Law and Digital Technologies programme? Chat with a current student for answers to your questions!

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