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PhD Graduate School of Archaeology

Admission to the Graduate School

Requirements for admission to the Graduate School and the steps described below in short are described in detail in the Leiden University PhD Regulations.


Those persons are eligible for admission to the Graduate School of Archaeology who have been awarded a Master’s degree and are proficient in English. In exceptional cases, the Dean may, having received a written request to this effect and on behalf of the Doctorate Board, grant exemption from the entry requirements.

For more details, see the Leiden University PhD Regulations.

Finding a main supervisor

Finding a suitable principal supervisor is a key element and the first step in the process of obtaining a doctorate. Before further steps can be taken, the supervisor must confirm that they are willing to accept you as a PhD candidate (promovendus). Contact a professor or senior staff member with ius promovendi directly: contact information can be found by searching by name or by department:

Ius promovendi

In the Netherlands, the role of PhD supervisor could traditionally only be fulfilled by professors. Since 2018, however, associate professors can also have ius promovendi. The names of those concerned at Leiden University are given in the register on this page.

PhD supervision team

A PhD supervision team consist of at least two supervisors. Both must hold a doctorate, and at least one must have ius promovendi. Supervision can involve scholars from different institutes, faculties, and, exceptionally, universities. The supervisor has to confirm that they are willing to accept you as a PhD candidate before further steps can be taken.

Ethics Committee

The ethics committee of the Faculties of Humanities and Archaeology gives binding advice on ethical issues in research. Using the checklist, PhD candidates must determine whether their research needs to be presented to the committee for an ethics review. If your research has important social science components, you may consider contacting the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences ethics committee instead; please discuss this with your supervisors.

Registration at the Faculty of Archaeology

Registration at the Graduate School of Archaeology needs to be started no later than one month before the start of your PhD track.

This process consists of two steps.

Once your supervisor has confirmed that he is willing to supervise your PhD research, they will send you an email with login credentials to our Graduate School Management system LUCRIS/GSM to register yourself at the Graduate School. For more information, see the LUCRIS/GSM Applicants manual.

During your PhD, you make agreements with your supervisors concerning your personal development and supervision and register them in a Training and Supervision Plan (TSP). A TSP is compulsory for all PhDs. Upload your TSP in LUCRIS GSM with your Leiden University (ULCN) account no later than three months after starting your PhD track. External PhD candidates must do this within six months following admission to the Graduate School.

Registration at Leiden University

Registration at Leiden University by the Department of Human Resources (Personnel Shared Service Centre = PSSC). Your supervisor will start this procedure. When this procedure is in progress, you will receive an email with a request for a Leiden University account and an email with a request to provide personal information. When this procedure is finalized, you will receive the activation for your Leiden University ULCN account.

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