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PhD Graduate School of Archaeology

Courses and training

With the exception of external PhD candidates, all PhD candidates must follow a training plan that is established at the start of the doctoral process.

The courses will help you to conduct your scientific research, write your dissertation, develop (transferable) skills and gain self-insight.  The plan encompasses the entire doctoral process and consists of at least:

  • 140 hours of academic training activities (scientific integrity, training in the candidate’s specialism, conference attendance, etc.)
  • 140 hours of training activities focusing on transferable skills (such as giving presentations, academic English, time management, career orientation, entrepreneurship).

External PhD candidates must at least take the ‘scientific integrity’ course.    


You are allowed to tailor your Training Plan to your own needs and wishes. Requirements vary by personal situations. You have to discuss with your supervisor which courses will work best for you. Training courses are available for PhD candidates at different levels:

1) HRM Services of Leiden University offers PhD training courses, including academic writing, presenting skills, time management and knowledge utilisation. Courses in career development, personal development, communication, working effectively and research skills are taught throughout the year. You may register via a new online system. You can find this online learning environment via Service Portal or via the registration link on the course page of the employee website. You can log in via your ULCN account.  

 2) Advanced courses to deepen academic knowledge are offered by the national (interuniversity) Research Schools. These courses offer training in both methodology and area-specific knowledge. Moreover, they provide you with the opportunity to come into contact with fellow PhD candidates from other universities. NB: There are costs involved in membership of a Research School.

The PhD training courses offered by HR services will be registered periodically in GSM after fulfilment. Other courses need to be registered in GSM by the PhD her/himself.

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