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University doctor & psychologist

The University does its best to create a pleasant work environment. It may nevertheless happen that you are unable to work due to a short-term or long-term illness or disability. The University doctors will help you reduce health risks and advise you through your recovery and return to work.

If you become ill or wish to avoid developing symptoms, you should first discuss the matter with your immediate supervisor. If there is a problem and you and your supervisor cannot agree on how to deal with this, you can make an appointment with the University doctor. The University doctor advises both you and your supervisor. You can then decide jointly whether or not to follow the doctor’s advice.

University doctors are usually called in by your direct supervisor, but you can also seek their advice on your own initiative. PhD candidates usually come into contact with the University doctor in one of two ways:

  • You are not ill, but you suffer from symptoms, problems, or issues related to the relationship between health and work.
  • You reported sick and want some advice on how to return to work. You can make an appointment with the University doctor to discuss this matter. If you do not contact the doctor yourself, after four to five weeks you will automatically be called in for an appointment.

The university doctor offers consultations by appointment. To make an appointment, you can use the online form or call the HSE department via 071 527 8015. Only employed PhD candidates can consult the University doctor regarding medical issues (i.e. contract and external PhD candidates cannot request this service). However, contract PhD candidates can request the University doctor to refer him/her to a psychologist (see below).


You can contact the University doctor for the following:

  • Advice on health and work
  • Support in case of illness
  • Support in returning to work
  • Illness prevention
  • Pre-employment medical examination

The University doctors are independent and have a medical confidentiality obligation. They will not divulge any confidential information without your permission. For more information on the duties and core values of the University doctors, see the university webpage.


Are you experiencing  psychological issues? In this case, you can get help from one of the university doctors. If necessary, the university doctor will refer you to a psychologist. Both employed and contract PhD candidates can request the University doctor to refer him/her to a psychologist (i.e. external PhD candidates cannot request this service). You need an employee (SAP) number to request a consultation (all types of PhD candidates have a SAP number). Please contact your Institute Manager or the P&O advisor affiliated with your Institute if you have not yet received your SAP number. You do not have to explain why you need your SAP number, you can simply ask for it. 

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