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PhD Confidential Advisor

As a PhD candidate, you can experience problems in the relationship with your supervisor or co-supervisor, with your immediate superior, colleagues or other PhD candidates. If you are unable to solve these problems, you can turn to a confidential advisor for PhD candidates.

Confidential advisor

As of September 2020 the Faculty of Archaeology has appointed a confidential advisor for PhD candidates: Dr Mariana de Campos.

The confidential advisor is an independent member of staff. They observe strict confidentiality in all matters that you discuss with them., To start with, (s)he provides a listening ear. Their role is to, together with you, clarify the problem. And, if you so wish, to provide advice and support in solving the issue (and future occurrences thereof). Please note that the confidential advisor will not mediate for you or request information from the person or persons with whom you are having difficulties. However, they can assist at any meetings you would like to have with these persons or if a mediation is (to be) arranged. The confidential advisor can also accompany you at a complaints committee hearing if and when you decide to take the matter to this level of authority.

The confidential advisor is available for all Faculty of Archaeology PhD candidates, including contract PhD candidates and external PhD candidates.

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