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Training and Supervision Plan

In the course of your PhD you make agreements with your supervisors concerning your personal development and the supervision you will receive. Within 1 month after the start of your appointment, these agreements should be recorded in a Training and Supervision Plan. This plan contains agreements concerning your research, (frequency of) supervision, training plans, and potential teaching duties as a PhD candidate.

Agreements concerning training and supervision

One year after the start of your appointment, the Training and Supervision Plan (Internal or External) is worked out in more detail and revised if and where necessary. It should in any case cover the following aspects:

  • Planning of fieldwork, labwork
  • Any courses and training you are going to attend
  • Agreements concerning the form and frequency of the personal supervision you receive during your appointment as a PhD candidate.

These agreements involving the content of the Training and Supervision Plan are included in Article 6.8 of the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities (CAO Nederlandse Universiteiten).

Note: The Training and Supervision Plan is obligatory for all PhD Candidates.

  • For internal funded / contract/ selffunded PhD students (working at the Faculty)
  • For external unfunded PhD students
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