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Teaching & Partial BKO certificate

As a PhD candidate you spend most of your time conducting research. Although you will probably also have to do some teaching. This may be in tutorials, practical classes or lectures. Teaching should preferably not be done in your first nor last year. That said, you should take advantage of the opportunity to teach, because teaching is a valuable asset to your CV (also if you pursuit a non-academic career).

Obtaining the partial University Teaching Qualification (Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs, BKO) falls under transferable skills = 20 hours. Teaching itself does not fall under transferable skills. Contract PhD candidates can only teach if the conditions of the grant provider allow this. Please discuss this with your supervisor(s). 

The partial University Teaching Qualification (Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs, BKO) certificate provides recognition that a PhD candidate has gained knowledge and experience as a teacher. To obtain the partial certificate, you are required to teach a small-scale course (for example a series of tutorials), take the ICLON module Delivery of Education (or a comparable module within your Faculty) and submit a portfolio. You have to demonstrate that you meet the BKO learning outcome “Preparing and giving lectures”.

More information on the BKO

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