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Graduate School of Archaeology

Teaching & Partial BKO certificate

The Graduate School of Archeology offers no longer the opportunity to obtain a full BKO certificate for PhD candidates. PhD candidates can opt for the partial BKO, especially designed for them, in which only the objective 3 and 4 are assessed: preparing and giving lectures and supervising students.

Obtaining the partial University Teaching Qualification falls under transferable skills (= 20 hours). Teaching itself does not fall under transferable skills.

You are expected to:

  • Within one or more courses, design and teach minimally two lectures (small-scale or for a larger group) on a bachelor or master level
  • Within one or more courses, design and teach one small-scale workgroup, including an exercise or assignment (on a bachelor or master level).
  • Follow the LLInC module “Teaching in Practice”
  • Submit a teaching portfolio (format available on the website) that includes:
    • An observation of your teaching by a senior lecturer/ didactical expert
    • Course evaluation(s) by the students
    • Proof of English language proficiency of minimally C-1

How does it work?

  • At the start of the PhD trajectory, supervisors and PhDs should discuss whether the PhD would like to qualify for the partial University Teaching Qualification. The agreement on this is recorded in the Training and Supervision Plan. Contract PhD candidates can only teach if the conditions of the grant provider allow this.
  • Contact the Graduate School of Archaeology. They can give you permission to do the BKO course.
  • The GSA informs Eva van Leeuwen (BKO coordinator, Teacher Support Desk) about the permission to do the course.
  • Plan a meeting with Eva van Leeuwen for an intake.
  • Subscribe to the LLInC course using the SAP number provided by the GSA.
  • Eva van Leeuwen contacts the director of education, Joanne Mol, to assign you to one or more courses. Once you are assigned to a course, you will be put on the list for the course evaluations by Education and Student Affairs . Please note that this teaching might be on topics unrelated to your research.
  • You need an assessment of your teaching: this can be done by a senior lecturer or a didactical expert from the Teaching Support Desk Archaeology, based on an observation. Observation forms are available upon request.
  • To check if you meet the C-1 level requirement, you can do an English language test at the Talencentrum Leiden (website only available in Dutch)

When all requirements have been fulfilled, you can send your portfolio to the BKO committee (Alexander Verpoorte and Joanne Mol).

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