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PhD Graduate School of Archaeology

PhD platforms and organisations

There are several PhD platforms and organisations, representing PhD candidates within the Faculty of Archaeology and within Leiden University and without.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is a key advisory body within the Faculty of Archaeology. The council consists of three students and three staff members, and represents all members of the Faculty community. It oversees and advises the Faculty Board on policy relating to such matters as finance, regulations, long-term strategy, and staff. As employees at the Faculty, PhDs are eligible for the three staff member seats on the Faculty Council. Council members are elected, and a term lasts two years for staff members. 

If you are interested in becoming a Council member, or wish to bring any matters to the attention of the Council, feel free to contact the Faculty Council for more information.


LEO is a platform for PhD candidates at Leiden University. It represents the interests of PhD candidates within and outside the University, organises events and maintains contact with other PhD candidate organisations.

If you’d be interested in meeting and getting to know fellow PhD researchers at Leiden University in other fields, become a member of LEO, Leiden University’s PhD Organisation. Membership is free. LEO considers a PhD researcher anyone who is writing a PhD thesis at Leiden University, regardless of their official position or employment status. Particularly foreign PhD students may be interested in social activities, but also for "locals" it is enjoyable to meet PhDs from other fields. LEO organizes monthly PhD Drinks, where you will meet fellow PhD's and get inside hints on living & working in Leiden.

Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PNN)

PNN is the national organisation for PhD candidates. For more information, see the PNN website.


PhDoc Leiden University is an interfaculty PhD- run Council of Leiden University and wants to help PhD candidates attain their primary goal: to become a successful researcher and teacher. PhDoc has seat(s) in the University Council. The PhD Council also has a social function and offer all PhD candidates of their institutes the opportunity to get to know each other by organising regular social meetings and informal drinks sessions. See the website of PhDoc for more information.

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