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Graduate School of Archaeology

Research Schools and Academic Institutes

Research Schools aim at collaboration between researchers from different faculties (interfaculty schools) and universities (interuniversity schools).


LOGOS is the council of the national Dutch research schools in the Humanities. This platform was founded in 2008 to exchange ideas about the best ways in which these national research schools could be organised.

It is best for the PhD candidate to determine in consultation with the supervisor whether and, if so, of which research school it is best to become a member. Usually, membership with a research school means one can be registered as an affiliated members at the other research schools.

Courses and membership

The research schools also offer PhD courses. They offer training in both methodology and area-specific knowledge. Moreover, they allow PhD candidates to come into contact with fellow PhD candidates from other universities.
Courses attended at Research Schools can be incorporated in the Training and Supervision Plan. 

The contribution to membership of a research school is at the expense of the PhD candidate. Some PhD candidates may be able to declare the costs of this with their grant, but the costs cannot be declared at the Faculty of Archeology.

Dutch Academic Institutes Abroad

The Netherlands has established several international institutes which offer scholarships of varying length and amount. These are excellent places to interact with international colleagues and can act as bases from which to organize fieldwork projects. They also offer specialist classes on a variety of topics. As a PhD researcher at Leiden University, you are eligible to apply for a range of available scholarships at these institutes. For more information, see the websites of the specific institution:

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