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PhD Graduate School of Archaeology

PhD Supervisors

As a supervisor, you are responsible for the adequate supervision of your PhD candidate. Read here about your duties as a supervisor, the procedures relating to this, and which forms you will need.

Supervising PhD candidates course

The success of a PhD candidate depends in part on the guidance they receive from the supervisor. Staff members supervising a PhD candidate for the first time are required to follow the Supervising PhD candidates course. This course offers insight into what supervisors can do to get the best out of their PhD candidates.

Starting a PhD

If you have been asked to act as a supervisor, you are responsible for the following at the start of a PhD trajectory:

  • If you have been asked in writing to act as supervisor and agreed, you must draw up a study and supervision plan in consultation with the PhD candidate within three months.
  • If there are two or even three supervisors, determine among yourselves who will do what and record this in writing, providing copies for the PhD candidate.

Completing the PhD

As a supervisor, you are responsible for the quality of the dissertation. If the candidate has almost finished their dissertation, you will evaluate whether the manuscript meets the requirements for a PhD. You will evaluate any changes that you agree on.

Approval of the dissertation

If you believe the manuscript is ‘proof of competency in the independent conducting of scientific research’, you approve it in LUCRIS GSM (for more information, see: LUCRIS /GSM). If there are other supervisor(s), this approval may only be issued once the other supervisor(s) have been consulted. All further steps, such as the proposal of the doctorate committee, approval of the propositions, etc., are to be taken in LUCRIS GSM (by the PhD candidate, supervisor and Dean).

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