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World Archaeology

The Department of World Archaeology combines research and education about regions all over the world, from Human Origins to the Middle Ages, and from Europe to Asia, Africa and the Americas. Key focus in research is the study of dynamics in societies: adaptation, resilience and resistance in processes of long and short term changes

The broad range in time and space makes the department a  lively pluriform community with  various approaches, international networks all over the globe, and researchers of many different backgrounds.

The student will recognise that pluriformity in the many specialisations and electives, offered in the English language in both the bachelor and  master phase. The researcher will recognise it in the many multi-disciplinary research projects that are being carried-out – some in close cooperation with the Department of Archaeological Science, and (international) partners outside Leiden.

Also the Faculty Department of Archaeological Heritage is partner in many research and educational projects. Our vision is that we carry out applied archaeology in a world in which cultural heritage is becoming more and more politically and ideologically loaded. In our education and research, the care for heritage -its diverse values and stakeholders-  plays an important role.

The Department offers students the ideal environment to prepare themselves for an international scientific career.

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