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Introduction to coaching

Participants in this course will learn to support student teachers and new colleagues in their professional development as teachers, with particular emphasis on the context of bilingual or international education, as in the ICLON World Teachers Programme (WTP).

Course code: 20242513BV

Participants will develop their coaching skills and become familiar with a number of theoretical developments in relation to teaching and learning, which can be used to help beginning teachers reflect on and make sense of their practice. These will include the perspectives on linguistically and culturally-aware teaching specifically addressed in the World Teacher Competences.

Coaching World Teachers is a variant of the Basismodule Coachingsvaardigheden 1 at ICLON. While the basic structure and content of the module are the same, this version of the course is taught in English and pays additional attention to the areas of particular relevance in the context of the World Teachers Programme, or in settings where linguistically and culturally-aware practices are particularly valued, such as in bilingual, international, culturally diverse or internationally-oriented schools. 

On completion of Introduction to coaching, participants will receive Coach Level 1 (gecertificeerde werkplekbegeleider of vakcoach 1) certification, with an additional World Teachers component. After that, it is recommended that participants progress to the more advanced courses Coachingsvaardigheden 2 for school-based mentors/BOSsen, or (Vak)didactische coaching 2 for both mentors and subject coaches/werkplekbegeleiders. These modules offer more depth and breadth than the introductory course, and when combined with the introductory module, result in the award of the Schoolopleider 1 or Vakcoach 2 certificate, as depicted in the image below. The evaluation of the pilot course, and assessment of the demand and staffing requirements will determine whether the Level 2 courses will be offered in a WTP variant in 2023-24.

This module is aimed at subject coaches (werkplekbegeleiders) and mentors (schoolopleiders/BOSsen) who:

  • Support students/recent graduates of the World Teachers Programme (WTP) or similar programmes OR carry out their function in a bilingual or international school, or similar setting (e.g. European school, Global Citizenship Network school);
  • Have a student or colleague they can coach during the course of the module;
  • Are proficient in English.

Participants are not required to speak Dutch.

Participants are expected to:

  • Attend and participate actively in the five scheduled meetings;
  • Read or study the literature and other materials provided;
  • Bring in cases from their practice to discuss;
  • Near the end of the course, make a recording of a coaching meeting with a student teacher or colleague, to share and analyse together with colleagues.

The course will be adjusted to fit the needs of the group, and will address at least the following areas:

  • General skills for supervising student/novice teachers, including: observation, providing feedback, providing support, and assessment. These topics will be addressed in relation to the personal position and professional role of the participant, with particular focus on the collaboration between student/novice teacher, subject coach and mentor, and on the intercultural context.
  • Pedagogical theory as it is addressed in initial teacher education in the Netherlands. In particular, this will focus on how student teachers can be guided in designing activating and motivating lessons for their subject, based on theories and models as used in the ICLON teacher education programme.
  • Exploration of the World Teacher Competences, the theory and practical knowledge behind them, what they can look like in practice, and their role in the coaching of student/novice teachers.
  • Use will be made of case material, some of which participants will provide themselves, including through the use of video or audio recordings. These will be analysed and elaborated on, for example through role-play. Participants will be encouraged to continue practicing in real-life coaching situations.

The course aims to address the following objectives:

  • Coaches know what is expected of them with regard to supporting student/novice teachers in school, including World Teachers;
  • Coaches have a general impression of the requirements and content of teacher education programmes in the Netherlands and know where to find further information on this;
  • Coaches are familiar with the content and requirements of the World Teachers Programme and with the World Teacher Competences, and can support student teachers in reflecting on their practice in relation to these areas;
  • Coaches know about trends in the professional development of new teachers and can apply this knowledge in their coaching;
  • Coaches have developed skills in observing lessons and providing feedback;
  • Coaches can conduct development-oriented coaching sessions with student/novice teachers, with the use of theory regarding conversation techniques, and taking into account the intercultural context;
  • Coaches can reflect on their own practice as (World Teacher) coaches and use this reflection to fuel further development in this role.

Study load

The total study load is 50 hours.

Number of participants

The group will consist of between 7 and 15 participants.

Course dates

This module consists of 4 afternoon sessions of 3 hours, and 1 whole-day session of 6 hours.

Dates will be announced shortly.

If there are 7-15 participants from one school, dates can be set exclusively for that group. Please contact Tamara Platteel about the in-company options.


If there are 7-15 participants from one school, the training can be held in school, exclusively for that group. For groups consisting of participants from various different schools, the training will be held at Leiden University.  


  • Rate for members of an ‘Opleidingsschool’ connected to ICLON: €765 per participant
  • Full price (non-opleidingsschool): €990 per participant

Cancellation policy

If you cannot take part in the course:

  • Cancellation until 10 working days prior to the first day of the course: you pay €50
  • Cancellation until 10 working days before the first day of the course: you pay the full fee 

To cancel your registration, please do so in writing via

If you withdraw after the start of the course:
You will be charged the full fee.

If ICLON cancels the course:
No payment is required.

It is possible to transfer your registration to a colleague, as long as this is prior to the start of the course.


Questions regarding practical/organisational issues can be directed to nascholing@iclon.leidenuniv.nl.

Further questions regarding this module can be directed to:

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