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Nascholingsdag World Teachers Programme 2024

World Teachers Festival 2024 - Celebrating and exploring language, culture, diversity and criticality in teaching and learning

The world in which our students are coming of age is full of complex questions. Challenging? Yes! But isn’t that also what makes teaching so exciting? This teacher professional development day was a chance to focus on developing your professional vision and teaching practice in the context of this challenging and exciting reality.

Organised by ICLON (Leiden University), Wolfert Bilingual and Rotterdam International Secondary School, this event was open to teachers of any subject who are interested in innovative, globally-oriented and inclusive teaching.

ICLON’s World Teachers Programme (WTP) is a pre-service teacher education programme specialising in linguistically and culturally-aware teaching in bilingual (tto) and international contexts. While the World Teachers Festival builds on the WTP and is particularly suited to bilingual and international schools, it is also open to teachers and schools outside of the WTP network and without a bilingual or international profile. The emphasis is on secondary education, although attendees from other sectors are also welcome. 

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The programme included talks and practical workshops focusing on the four core elements of ICLON’s World Teacher Competence framework, and the interactions between them:

  • Communicating effectively across languages and cultures: Intercultural competence and critical cultural awareness
  • Supporting development of subject literacy: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and language-aware teaching in ANY language or subject
  • Embracing diversity: Culturally-responsive teaching, diversifying the curriculum and valuing funds of knowledge
  • Questioning and being questioned: Critical thinking (in teachers and learners), multiperspectivity and listening to learner voices

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Participants' feedback

Aminata Cairo's story made me feel again that we have the most beautiful job in the world’

‘I really enjoyed the workshop '"Pedagogy of hope in times of crises". It made me think of what message we send as adults to our students and will make a difference in class.’

‘I really like the format of one-hour workshops. It allows the workshop leader to present a small idea/intervention/framework and have the participants acquaint themselves with it and play around with it.'

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