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Studying through the summer?

Leiden University offers a unique range of summer courses where you can broaden or deepen your knowledge or share your expertise with fellow students. The choice of academic courses is very diverse, ranging from Law, Big Data, Languages and Linguistics to Maths and Natural Sciences, Biology, Biomedical Sciences and Education. The courses vary from three days to 3 weeks.

Throughout the summer some 700 students, PhD candidates and professionals from the Netherlands and abroad come to study and live in the historic, friendly and safe cities of Leiden and The Hague. During their stay they build up a network that will be highly relevant for their career, or prepare for a master’s or PhD at Leiden University. 

The summer courses are open to anyone who has the right education and experience. Besides the academic courses, we offer furnished housing and social activities to give participants an unforgettable summertime experience.

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