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Contract students take the same exams as regular students. In registering for contract teaching you are entitled to one examination and one resit.

Written or oral?

Examination may take the form of a written exam, an oral exam, a presentation or a paper. Which examination forms apply to certain series of lectures can be found in the relevant course description. If you want more information about the assessment of a particular series of lectures, please contact the lecturer. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the course description in the e-Prospectus.

Exam and resit periods

Examinations take place at several points in time during the academic year. For a complete overview of the exam and resit periods, see the academic calendar.

Access to exams and resits

The regulations with respect to exams and resits can be found in the faculty Course and Examination Regulation.


Contract students do not have to enrol for examinations and/or papers. The coordinator of contract education takes care of enrolment.

If you wish to take a resit , please contact the coordinator of contract education with at least two weeks’ notice of the resit date.

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