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The registration period for semester 2 has closed. From 17 June you can register for semester 1 of the new academic year 2021-2022.

Coronavirus measures & Academic year 2020-2021

Due to the corona virus, education in the academic year 2020-2021 will largely be given online and only where possible in our buildings. We ask you to take this into account when making your choice in A la Carte and / or Contract education.

For more information and updates about the measures, please consult the university's corona file.


Registration takes place using a registration form below (available on this page from November 16 until January 15). Your registration is only final after receipt of your payment.

Upon registration you will receive the following:

  • Letter of confirmation (supplemented with information, such as timetables)
  • Personal student number
  • Registration card
  • Login details for a ULCN account (provides access to, for instance, BrightSpace)
    (note: if you were already registered in the first semester of the current academic year, your account will remain valid and you will not receive another letter with your account details).
  • Please note: the uSis student system is not used with A la Carte Education.

Registration deadlines

Registration for semester 1 starts on June 15th 2020 and ends on August 14th  2020.
Registration for semester 2 starts on November 16th2020 and ends on January 15th2021.

Please note: due to the administrative handling of all registrations we are compelled to comply with these deadlines. Registration requests after the deadline will not be processed.

Cancellation and reimbursement

In principal, a series of lectures lasts 13 weeks. No refund is granted when lectures are cancelled due to holidays. If the lecturer cancels a lecture, the first 5 lectures will not be reimbursed. If the sixth lecture (or further lectures) is cancelled, the student can request one-seventh of the course fee per cancelled lecture.

Cancellation is possible until two weeks before the start of the term. For the first term, the cancellation deadline is 18 August 2020; for the second term, the deadline is 18 January 2021. In the event of cancellation after the deadline, the following administration costs are charged:

  • Before the start of the course: 10% of the course
  • Cancellation in the first week of the course: 40% of the course fee
  • Cancellation in the second week of the course or later: the entire course fee is charged


  • Force majeure (on medical grounds)
  • Cancellation of a course without the offering of a suitable alternative.

In the event that the lecturer falls ill or the lecturer is replaced, no refund is granted. In order to be entitled for reimbursement, you are required to return your registration card. An adapted invoice will be sent if no payment has been made yet.


After completing the course(s) you receive a certificate. The lecturer will present you with the certificate in the final lecture, or it will be sent to your home address after the course. The certificate is only awarded if your attendance was sufficient. This is determined by the lecturer(s) by means of an attendance list. The certificate contains no study results or assessment, since à la carte students do not take exams.


À la Carte students are entitled to:

  • use Brightspace, Leiden University’s digital learning environment
  • use of computer rooms
  • use the Leiden University Library
  • a uMail email address

À la Carte students are not entitled to:

  • Student grants or loans
  • Discount at the Leiden University Academic Language Centre

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