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À la carte education - Faculty of Humanities

If you are interested in an academic programme, but do you not wish to complete the entire programme? Then, you can choose one of the many à la carte courses the Faculty of Humanities offers.

Join the Faculty of Humanities

The Leiden Faculty of Humanities is one of the broadest faculties of all. No fewer than 65 different languages are taught, and the faculty also offers a wide range of sciences.

The Faculty is well-known nationally thanks to the concentration of expertise in the area of languages and cultures beyond Europe, such as China, Japan, Indonesia and the Islamic Middle East. Furthermore, less known languages such as those spoken by Indian tribes in Central and South America and African and Central Asian languages are taught in Leiden as well.

On top of that, the Faculty of Humanities also accommodates more obvious disciplines, such as  history, art history, and Dutch/French/German/English Language and Culture.

À la carte education offers you the possibility to study multiple courses in one of the following fields of study:

  • Communication and Education
  • Culture and History
  • Behaviour and Society
  • Music, Visual arts and Design
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Linguistics

Range of courses

You can find the entire range of courses in the e-Prospectus (click on one of the areas of interest). Tip: In the top right corner of the screen you can perform an advanced search and add extra search criteria, such as keywords (in Search), a lecturer’s name, or ‘only evening courses’.

Visit the e-Prospectus

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