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Read about application and placement procedures

External students (from research universities as well as universities of applied sciences) can apply for just one Leiden minor in the period from 1 May to 31 July. They should fill in a registration form after having received approval from the programme. The contact person listed under the information about the minor in the e-Prospectus, will answer all questions about the content of the course. External students will be notified at the end of August/start of September whether they have a place on their chosen Leiden minor. 

For selection minors the application period is from 1 to 15 April.

Registration for a minor does not automatically mean you have been placed on the minor. For minors at Leiden University, students from Leiden University take priority over external students, with the exception of those students from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Delft University of Technology who registered for the minor in April or May.

A number of minors at Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam have an earlier registration deadline. For these minors, you will hear before 1 May whether you have been placed.

Toch niet volgen?

Wie na aanmelding in de maand april of mei besluit een minor toch niet te volgen, moet zich zo snel mogelijk afmelden via uSis. Zo komt er weer een plaats beschikbaar voor andere gegadigden.

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