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Read about application procedures

Students at the partner universities TU Delft and Erasmus University who want to take a minor in Leiden can apply at their own university.

The application procedure for the various minors will open on 1 April and 2 May 2022:

  • 1 April up to and including 14 April 2022 for selection minors.
  • 2 May up to and including 31 May 2022 for LDE minors and minors from Leiden (non-selection).

In the abovementioned time frames, the three universities will reserve 33% of their minor places for the two LDE partners. Mid-June 2022, the places that haven’t been filled from the 33% will become available again for students from the ‘home-university’.

For some minors additional requirements apply, such as a specific education or a selection procedure. Read about the requirements for Leiden minors in the Prospectus.


  • Students from the bachelors LST and KT will apply for all minors via Osiris.
  • Students from the bachelor MST will apply for all minors via uSis.

After placement, non-Leiden University students will receive instructions on how to register for the minor and the seperate minor courses via Leiden University's student administration system uSis.

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