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Leiden’s Faculty of Humanities is one of the broadest of its kind, offering courses in no fewer than 80 different languages and a very broad spectrum of academic disciplines.

Studying within the Faculty of Humanities

The faculty is nationally renowned for its concentration of expertise in non-European linguistic and cultural fields, such as those of China, Japan, Indonesia and the Islamic Middle East. Leiden also offers courses in lesser-known languages, such as those of the native peoples of Central and South America and languages from various regions of Africa and Central Asia. In addition, Leiden’s Faculty of Humanities is also home to more mainstream disciplines such as history, art history, Dutch, French, German and English. Contract teaching in the Faculty of Humanities offers you the opportunity to take courses in one or more of the following areas:

How does contract teaching work?

Contract students take one or more courses and pay an amount based on the number of credits. They are not registered as regular students at Leiden University, but as contract students at the program itself.
Contract students have no intention of following the full (propaedeutic/bachelor/master) degree program and completing it with an academic exam. Interested parties who do not have the required prior education (but at least a pre-university education) can also follow contract education. Contract students join the regular students in the lecture hall and are asked to make the same effort that is also required from the other students.

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