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Admission requirements

Most courses do not have any admission requirements. À la carte courses, for instance, can be attended regardless of your former education. However, pre-university education level knowledge is desirable.

Since a major part of the literature is written in English, it is beneficial to have a certain level of English reading skills.

It is important to know that the English Language and Culture, French Language and Culture and German Language and Culture study programmes offer courses respectively in those languages. This is always mentioned in the course information in the e-Prospectus.

Furthermore, some courses are taught in English, for example if the lecturer does not speak Dutch. Please take this into consideration. In order to attend in the concerning language is desirable.

Please also remember that some courses are follow-up courses. This will be mentioned in the course description in the e-Prospectus under ‘Admission requirements’.

If you are in doubt whether the course level will be appropriate for you, please contact the à la carte education coordinator.

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