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Study preparations

Make sure you are well prepared for your studies. Request a university ID card, find practical information for new students and learn about your rights and obligations. And how about learning a little Dutch?

Familiarise yourself with Leiden University’s Coronavirus measures

Before coming to the campus for the first time:

  • Read the Campus Protocol. Here you can find the measures and guidelines that apply within Leiden University to ensure the safety of students and staff.
  • Do the corona check. Answer the five questions and stay home if the check tells you to.

Request a LU-Card (university ID card)

Before arrival, make sure to request a LU-Card. This is your university ID, library and copy card. You can request a LU-Card online by uploading a passport photo.

Find practical information for new students

On our student websites you can find important practical information for new students, for example: 

  • where to find your schedule and study materials
  • how to enrol for courses and exams 
  • which study facilities you will use
  • how to get more out of student life

  >Website for degree students (Bachelor/Masters)
  >Website for non-degree students (Exchange/Study Abroad courses)

Learn a little Dutch

Want to learn some basic Dutch and get a taste of Dutch culture? Leiden University's free online ‘Dutch & More' course is aimed at international students who are about to join Leiden University. 

As well as teaching you the basics of the Dutch language, the online 'Dutch and More' course will introduce you to student life in Leiden and The Hague. Sign up via this link. 

After successful completion, you can register for a Dutch course at Leiden University’s Academic Language Centre for a greatly reduced price.

Your rights as a student


Your most important rights and obligations are laid down in the Student Charter. Each study programme also has its own Course and Examination Regulations. You can find these, as well as many other university regulations, on the regulations webpage

Code of conduct international students in higher education

Leiden University is a signatory of the code of conduct international students in higher education, which stipulates that international students must be provided with a clear insight into the quality of education, student recruitment and selection procedures. If you believe the university has not acted in accordance with the code of conduct, you are entitled to submit a complaint.

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