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Welcome service and travel plans

When should you plan to arrive in the Netherlands? Find out what you should take into consideration when making your travel plans. Also learn about Leiden University's welcome service for newly-arriving international students.

Coronavirus travel and entry information

Before planning your journey to The Netherlands, make sure to read the current Dutch travel and entry requirements.

Warm welcome service

During the introduction weeks, Leiden University organises a Warm Welcome Service for newly-arriving international students. Helpful staff will be on hand to give advice on the formalities you need to take care of after arrival.


  • During the OWL (Orientation Week Leiden): 29 Aug-2 Sept 2022; and
  • During the HOP (The Hague Orientation Programme): 22-26 Aug 2022.
  • Times and locations: to be announced here in first week of August 2022.  


  • The following services will be available:
    • Admissions Office: for admission questions and diploma verification; 
    • Visa Team: for questions about residence permits;
    • Exchange Team: information for incoming exchange students;
    • Student Support Services: information about registering with a doctor (GP) and well-being services;
    • Student Affairs Front Office: for questions about student registration.

Other travel plan considerations

Before planning your journey, you should also take the following into consider:

Travel information

For useful information to help you find your way from the airport and around Leiden and The Hague, take a look at the following websites

Travel pass

To use public transport in the Netherlands you will need a travel pass, known as an OV-chipkaart. For information on the types of card available and how to purchase them, visit the OV-chipkaart site. Note that you can buy a single-use OV-chipkaart from ticket machines at Dutch train stations.

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