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Registering with a doctor

We highly advise you to register with a doctor (GP) in Leiden or The Hague before arrival or soon after you get here.

You can only get a doctor’s appointment in the Netherlands after first registering at a doctor’s practice. Furthermore, if you need to see a specialist, you must first obtain a referral from your own doctor – except in cases of emergency.

How can I register?


The following doctor’s practice is experienced in assisting international students. You can register as a patient via their website.

The Hague

We recommend the GP practice below for students living in the centre of The Hague and near railway station Hollands Spoor. They accept new patients and have experience with international students. You can register as a patient via their website or in person.

You can also search for a doctor in The Hague via this website. The site is in Dutch, but by entering your postal code or 'Den Haag' you can find your nearest doctor's practice. Contact the practice directly to ask how to register. 

Required documents

To register with a doctor you will need to show your ID (passport or EU ID card) and proof of health insurance

Further information

For further information on healthcare services, please visit the website for students.

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