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Health insurance

All residents in the Netherlands must have sufficient health insurance coverage. The type of policy you need depends on the coverage you require and whether you will work or do a paid internship.

Which option is right for you?

If you will work alongside your studies, you must take out Dutch public health insurance (basiszorgverzekering). If you fail to do so, you risk a hefty fine. 

Will you earn at least Dutch minimum wage?

If so, you must take out Dutch public health insurance as soon as you start your internship.

You can calculate Dutch minimum wage for your age and situation via this online tool. The tool is only available in Dutch, however you are welcome to contact an International Student Adviser for assistance if required.

Will you earn less than Dutch minimum wage?

If so, you should not take out Dutch public health insurance. Instead, you can take out a policy according to the procedures for students who will not work or do a paid internship, as shown below.

You will need one of the following:  

  • EU health insurance card 

As an EU student, you are most likely covered for a temporary stay in the Netherlands by the health insurance scheme in your home country. Check this in advance in your home county and remember to request and bring along an EU health insurance card (E111).

Be aware that some EU countries set a limit for the length of time you can be insured abroad with an EU Health Insurance card. If you are not covered for the duration of your stay, you should take out the ICS Complete+ student insurance package from AON, as described below. Also note that European health insurance schemes may not always live up to expectations, so it is generally recommended that you top up your coverage by taking out a student insurance policy.

Holders of EU health insurance cards can contact the Zilveren Kruis insurance company for assistance in requesting reimbursements. Visit their website for students and click on ‘EU, EEA-countries and Switzerland’. 

  • Student insurance policy 

Non-EU students, and EU students requiring additional coverage, can apply for a student insurance policy from a Dutch insurance company. Various levels of coverage in different price ranges are available. An added advantage is that some student insurance packages also cover personal liability, household contents, theft, repatriation and legal advice. Always make sure that your policy covers pre-existing conditions. One option that meets this requirement is the ICS Complete+  package from AON.  

  • Home country insurance policy 

Many home-country insurance policies do not offer sufficient coverage for medical costs incurred during a period of study abroad. Therefore we strongly advise you to take out a student insurance policy instead, as mentioned above.
If you do take out a policy in your home country, make sure it is adequate and covers any pre-existing conditions. In case of doubt, send a scanned copy of your policy to the Admissions Office. Alternatively, sign up for the Warm Welcome Service and have your policy checked by an expert at the 'warm welcome information lounge' after arrival. Remember to bring your policy along with you to the Netherlands.

Important: Travel insurance alone does not offer sufficient coverage for a period of study in the Netherlands! 

For more information on health insurance in the Netherlands, please visit Study in Holland website.

More information?

If you require further advice on health insurance for international students, please contact the International Student Adviser.

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