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Facilities and services

There’s more to obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree than just studying. For example, where can you go for advice, or to let off some steam, practise your favourite sport, stay in shape, socialise, or simply find some peace and quiet? Leiden University can help in all these areas, and more.

Study advisers

Every department has its own study advisers/coordinators who can answer questions about your programme. You can consult the study adviser/coordinator on issues such as timetables, exam grades, choice of subjects and application for graduation. 
For guidance and advice on your study (choice) and the preparation of a study plan, you can contact your study adviser.

Student Support Services

At Plexus Student Centre in Leiden and on the campus in The Hague you can find several kinds of facilities to help your during your time at Leiden University. You can contact the Student Affairs Office with questions about: student registration; tuition fees; student cards; login details for computer systems; completing application and admission forms; and diploma verification and checks. Do you need help to manage your time or cope with study stress? Or perhaps you’d appreciate some tips about writing your thesis, or advice on strategic study techniques? If so, Leiden University can offer a range of workshops and courses designed to help you improve in all these areas.
Read more information about the services of specialised student counsellors.

Leiden University offers intensive support and advice to ensure your studies go smoothly and successfully.

Studying with a disability

At Leiden University we make every effort to ensure that students with a functional disability or learning disorder can still follow the programme of their choice. The Fenestra Disability Centre is there to provide practical support and the relevant information. Alternatively, you can contact: fenestra@plexus.leidenuniv.nl

Residence Life support

For international students living in student accommodation in Leiden or Oegstgeest, Leiden University offers the Residence Life programme. Residence Assistants help international students feel happy and at home in Leiden. They aim to bring students together, create a sense of community and foster a safe and tolerant living environment.

Residence Assistants organise activities to help you settle in, get to know each other and learn more about Leiden and Dutch life. They also offer support in practical and personal matters, and can refer you to Leiden University’s wide range of professional support staff if required.

Academic Language Centre

The Academic Language Centre offers language courses in Dutch, English, French, Italian and seven other languages. They are in the form of bespoke training courses and open registration courses. The prices differ per course.


Leiden University Libraries collect, catalogue, preserve and provide access to a rich and varied selection of scientific publications. The libraries hold over 5.2 million paper volumes and the digital collection is growing rapidly too. Almost three million article downloads are facilitated every year and the full texts of over 44,000 electronic journals are available. Of particular note are the collections of Caribbean, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures and languages; Science, Law and Political theory; European History (including art history, colonialism, the history of science, cartography, pamphlets and history of religions); and European Languages (Italian, English, Slavic languages and Dutch).

University Sports centre

In the University Sports Centre (USC) you can be sporty or sociable, or both. It’s the place to go if you want to stay fit, keep in shape, practise some dance moves or just meet new people. It’s also an ideal destination if you just want to let off some steam during a busy exam period. The USC offers more than 50 sports and group classes. Some of these are ‘old school’, like judo, boxing and ballet, but others are more contemporary in nature, like hip-hop, flamenco and river-dance. To make it even easier to work on your technique, technique, the dance classes are taught in a beautiful mirrored hall.

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