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Biometric data appointment

Before your residence permit can be issued, the Dutch immigration department (IND) needs to record your biometric data. Schedule your biometric data appointment as early as possible.

What is biometric data?

Biometric data consists of your fingerprints and digital photo. The Dutch Immigration Department (IND) can only issue your residence permit once it has recorded this data. 

Who needs to make an appointment?

You need to schedule a biometric data appointment if: 

  • you have requested a residence permit via Leiden University, but not an entry visa. Schedule your appointment for as soon as possible after arrival in the Netherlands.
  • you already have a Dutch residence permit but have requested an extension or new permit via Leiden University. Schedule your appointment after submitting your residence permit request to Leiden University.

Note: If you also requested an entry visa, your biometric data will be recorded at the Dutch consulate when you collect your visa.

How do I make a biometric data appointment?

  • Start of the semester: Special student biometric session will take place at the IND office in The Hague on 19, 20 and 21 September 2022. Sign up via this this link.
  • Other dates and locations: Check the options on the IND webpage

What happens after my appointment?

A few weeks after your appointment, you will receive an invitation to collect your student residence permit, either in Leiden or The Hague. 

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