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Biometric data appointment

Before your student residence permit can be issued, you must have your biometric data recorded.

When and how is biometric data recorded?

Students who need an entry visa

Your biometric data will generally be recorded when you collect your entry visa (MVV) at the Dutch embassy/consulate in your home country before you travel to the Netherlands.

Other students 

If you don't need an entry visa but you do need a student residence permit, you must have your biometric data recorded during a biometric data appointment after arrival in the Netherlands. See below for details. 

Who needs to attend a biometric data appointment in the Netherlands?

The following students need to attend a biometric data appointment: 

  • Nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, USA, UK or Vatican City;
  • Students with a valid residence permit from another Schengen country;
  • Students who already have a valid Dutch residence permit but are applying for a 'change of purpose' to residence permit for study at Leiden University.

How do I make a biometric data appointment?

In the first week of August you will receive an email with a link to sign up for your biometric data appointment. 

What data are recorded during the appointment?

During the biometric data appointment your fingerprints, signature and a digital photo will be recorded.

What happens after my appointment?

Your residence permit will be ready approximately two weeks after your biometric data have been recorded. Once your permit is ready, Leiden University will send you an email inviting you to collect it during the next centralised collection session.

The next centralised collection sessions will take place in Utrecht on 2 September and 7 October 2023. The exact date, time and location of your session will be communicated to you by email.

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