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Student associations

You can add an extra dimension to your student experience by becoming a member of a student association, and at Leiden University you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice.

You could, for example, join an association for students of the same discipline, or a generic student association, or one in which religion plays a key role. Alternatively, how about signing up for a social organisation or an interest group?

International associations

Erasmus Student Network Leiden 
The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) spearheads academic and social integration through activities and programmes that include trips to various destinations, language-exchange initiatives and international dinners and parties. Meanwhile, by teaching students about Dutch culture and student life in the Netherlands, the ESN Buddy Programme helps international students integrate academically and practically into their new environment.

Leiden United
Leiden United is an organisation that aims to bring students of all cultures and nationalities together in Leiden and the Hague. It arranges dinners, excursion and social events that unite Dutch and international students and help create friendships for life.

ISN Cultural Festival

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Student associations

Leiden University is well known for its student associations, which provide a great way for you to get to know your fellow students. As well as parties and social events, student associations also offer excellent sporting and cultural opportunities. Student associations are social groups. That is to say membership is not based on a particular field of study, interest or background. 

Study associations

A study association is a good way to combine study-related activities with pleasure. Many study programmes have their own study association. 
Take a look at all the study associations

Other associations

As well as study associations, Leiden University also has a number of other associations through which you can develop your skills and gain experience that will come in useful later in your professional life.

Leiden Debating Union
The Leiden Debating Union is an English-speaking international  student association. Members meet twice a week to debate, mostly in the British parliamentary style. LDU has an excellent reputation and many members remain with the association even after graduation.
Leiden Debating Union

Leiden MUN
The goal of the Leiden Model United Nations Foundation (Leiden MUN) is to guide students towards becoming successful representatives at MUN conferences, during which they will be directly involved in the world of international relations and diplomacy. 
Leiden Model United Nations Foundation.

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