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Food and drink

Nearly all the university buildings have cafés and restaurants and in the city there are plenty of places to eat or drink. These include regular or fast-food facilities at local supermarkets, food stalls, snack bars or restaurants of all types and nationalities.

Cafés and restaurants in the University
Although we do our best to ensure that the catering facilities in the University buildings are all similar, the opening hours and the range of products on offer can vary slightly from building to building. There are three university dining areas, all situated in Leiden, and these can be used by all students of Leiden University.

All the meals on offer are prepared by professional chefs and there are also vegetarian options. Halal products, such as pizzas, sandwiches and meat products, are also available in our restaurants.

Food for thought
While you are in the Netherlands why not try some of the many restaurants in Leiden and The Hague, or explore a bit of Dutch culture by sampling some of the things Dutch people typically like to eat. Leiden and The Hague have many local and international restaurants, to suit all tastes and budgets. If you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely try the traditional Dutch ‘appelgebak’, (apple tart) or the world-famous ‘stroopwafel’ (syrup-filled waffle). But if savoury food is more your thing, try a ‘frikandel’, a tasty sausage which Dutch people highly recommend but tell you not ask what’s in it (and it’s not halal by the way)! Ask a Dutch student to take you out and introduce you to some of these culinary delights!

Real foodies are advised to check out Tripadvisor, Iens or Yelp for the restaurants of their choice.

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