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Happy ILS Lunching 2017! 30 January with Professor Joanne van der Leun

The first ILS Lunch Seminar of 2017 will take place on Monday 30 January. During this lunch seminar series all researchers from Leiden Law School can present their research. The idea is to hear in a simple and nice way what researchers from other research programs and institutes are working on. During a seminar two or three speakers will present their research.

During the ILS Lunch Seminar on Monday 19 December presentations were given by Mr. Dirk Broekhuijsen and Dr. Armin Cuyvers. After the presentations there was room for questions and discussion.


At the first meeting of 2017 Professor Joanne van der Leun will give a presentation on “Crimmigration”. Dorine Verheij and Ruben de Graaff will jointly give a presentation on “Direct claims under EU law. The case of regulations”.

Lunch is provided at the seminars that will take place every last Monday of the month (except in December). Please contact Alexandra Huisman (a.s.huisman@law.leidenuniv.nl) to sign up as a speaker at an ILS lunch seminar or to register as a visitor to be sure of a sandwich!

Visit our website for more news and events on ILS 2.0.



28 November 2016  11.30 - 12.30 hrs   (KOG B0.32)

  • with presentations from Prof. Ymre Schuurmans, Prof. Peter Rodrigues and Dr. Bastiaan Rijpkema.

19 December 2016    11.30 - 12.30 hrs (KOG B0.14)

  • with presentations from Mr. Dirk Broekhuijsen on “A Multilateral Tax Treaty: Designing an Instrument to Modernise International Tax Law” and Dr. Armin Cuyvers on “Leave my budget alone? Reconciling EU budget controls with national democracy”.

30 January 2017 12.15 - 13.15 hrs     (KOG B0.14)         

  • With presentations from Prof. Joanne van der Leun on “Crimmigration” and Mr. Dorine Verheij and Mr. Ruben de Graaff on “Direct claims under EU law. The case of regulations”.

27 February 2017         (B0.14)
27 March 2017             (B0.32)
24 April 2017                (B0.14)
22 May 2017                 (B0.14)
26 June 2017                (B0.14)

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