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The Leiden University Institute for History has a wide-ranging academic scope unique for the Netherlands. This is directly reflected in the participation of her staff in various Master's and Bachelor's programmes at Leiden University.

Apart from History, these include the bachelors in African Languages and Cultures, Russian Studies, Latin American Studies, International Studies, Classics, Ancient Cultures of the Mediterranean World, and Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges. They are also active in various minors, like European Union Studies, and International & Intercultural Management. In the masters the Institute’s staff participates in the programmes of History, International Relations, Latin American Studies, African Studies, North American Studies, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Classics and Ancient Civilizations, and the research master programmes of Latin American Studies, African Studies and History.

In their teaching all staff directly connect with the research profile of the Institute, epitomised in our missions statement: Global Questions: Local Sources. Students have the  opportunity to engage directly with the history and academic discourse in their chosen area of specialisation. To get an idea of what studying history is like you can view this short film on: A day in the life of a History Student (in Dutch).

A day in the life of a History student [Dutch spoken]

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