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History is being taught at Leiden University since the days of Justus Lipsius [1547-1606]. In 1860, following the appointment of Robert Fruin as Leiden professor of Dutch History, modern historical investigation started in the Netherlands. Ever since, the history department of Leiden University has expanded.

The Leiden University Institute for History is the home of a substantial research staff, including 40 employed and contract PhD candidates. The academic leaders connected to the institute's research programmes are internationally renowned scholars that engage in numerous networks, contribute to important conferences and publish with outstanding academic presses. The institute was ranked #16 in the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

Global history

The Leiden University Institute for History has chairs in various fields, like Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, Contemporary, Maritime, Social, Economic, Urban, Dutch, African, American and Latin American  History. Besides, adjacent departments in the Faculty of Humanities have chairs in Turkish, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese History. The vicinity of many libraries, institutes and museums in Leiden and the National Archives and the Royal Library in The Hague, at twenty minutes travel distance, makes conducting research in Leiden all the more attractive.

Management Team & Councils

Management Team

The Management Team is responsible for all matters concerning the institute, and comprises four members: 

  • The Academic Director of the Institute for History is Prof.dr. J.F.J. (Jeroen) Duindam. The Academic Director is the head of the Institute for History, and as such carries overall responsibility for the institute. The Academic Director is directly answerable to the Faculty Board. 
  • The Director of Studies of the Institute for History is Dr. C.V. (Claire) Weeda. The Director of Studies is responsible for the teaching activities of the Institute. 
  • The Director of Research of the Institute for History is Dr. A.F. (Alicia) Schrikker. The Director of Research is responsible for the coordination of the PhD programme and research funding. E-mail: ih-onderzoeksdirecteur@hum.leidenuniv.nl 
  • The Institute Manager of the Institute for History is R.J. (Rebecca) Wensma BA. The Institute Manager is in charge of the operational affairs of the Institute, such as finances, personnel and the internal organisation of the institute.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council comprises the following persons:
Prof.dr. M.L.J.C. (Marlou) Schrover (Chair), Prof.dr. P.C.H. (Philippe) BucProf.dr. M.E. (Mirjam) de BruijnProf.dr. I.G.B.M. (Isabelle) DuijvesteijnProf.dr. L. (Luuk) de Ligt, Prof.dr. B. (Bernhard) RiegerProf.dr. P. (Patricio) SilvaProf.dr. H. (Henk) te Velde, Dr. S.S. (Santino) Regilme (Senior University Lecturer member), Dr. M.E.L. (Maxine) David (University Lecturer member), Dr. M. (Miko) Flohr (University Lecturer member), Dr. L.P.F. (Lionel) Laborie (University Lecturer member) Mr.dr. A.I. (Anne Isabelle) Richard (University Lecturer member), S.I. (Suzan) Abozyid MA (PhD member), E. (Eileen) van der Burgh MA (PhD member).

Institute Council

The Institute Council comprises all staff members of the Institute for History.

PhD Council

The PhD Council represents all PhD candidates at the Institute for History. It meets regularly with the Director of Research and also has a representative in the Advisory Council. The PhD Council aims to stay informed about all developments concerning PhD candidates affiliated to the Institute for History. Its current board members are: Eileen van der Burgh (chairperson), Suzan Abozyid (secretary), Tessa de BoerPatricia KretEdurne De Wilde.

Institute Secretariat

The secretariat supports the management team and staff of the Institute for History and is dedicated to helping with all kinds of practical matters and enquiries.

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