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Visiting Researchers

The Leiden University Institute for History welcomes visiting researchers, lecturers and professors from outside Leiden University that wish to conduct research or teach at the institute.

If you would like to be a visiting researcher at the Institute for History please first contact a senior staff member or (potential) supervisor for approval. For this you can visit our staff overview on the website. After approval has been given, the request will be assessed by the Management Team of the Institute. The eligibility of candidates will be considered in light of their past performance and the extent to which their planned project relates to the research specialisations of the institute. Admission furthermore depends on the length of the intended stay and the availability of a workplace (if desired).


In order to arrange all the formalities, please submit your application for guest research at least four months before the planned stay to the management of the Institute for History, to Dr. Alicia Schrikker, via e-mail: ih-onderzoeksdirecteur@hum.leidenuniv.nl.
The application should include a cv and a cover letter, in which you also 
inform us whether you will receive a monthly scholarship or grant for your living expenses in the Netherlands, the amount of the allowance and the period for which it will be awarded. If you are still applying for a scholarship, please make sure this covers the monthly IND living expenses minumum, otherwise we cannot accept your application.

Researchers from outside the EU

Researchers from outside the European Union, including PhD students and lecturers, who want to stay longer than a regular visa permits, need a valid working permit in order to work at the Institute for History. More information can be found on the website of the Service Centre International Staff.


The Management Team of the institute established the following fees per 1 January 2023:

  • Guest fee for long visit per 6 months, with personal workplace: EUR 1.250,-*. Please note that per June 2024 we cannot offer guest workplaces anymore. 
  • Guest fee for long visit per 6 months, without personal workplace: EUR 700,-*
  • Guest fee for short visit (max. period of 3 months), without personal workplace: EUR 250,-*

*) Dutch VAT rates will come on top of this amount.

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