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Russian and Eurasian Studies (MA)

About the Programme

The Master's programme in Russian and Eurasian Studies offers you the opportunity to develop specialised knowledge of this region.

The programme provides you with a qualification which is recognised by organisations around the world, and offers excellent preparation for a diverse range of careers.

The master Russian and Eurasian Studies offers you flexibility in the areas you choose to focus on in your studies. You will select four courses from our department and have the option to exchange one course for a relevant course taught outside of the department, for example at the University of Amsterdam, or for a relevant internship. For some courses, knowledge of Russian is obligatory.


At the end of the programme, you are required to write a thesis based on original research. A member of our academic staff specialised in your field of research will supervise you throughout the writing of your thesis.

A wide variety of courses are offered relating to the core areas of: Politics and International Relations, History, Economics, Language & Identity, Linguistics and Culture & Literature. Examples of courses offered in the academic year of 2017-18 are The Slavic Triangle, CorruptionThe Crazy 1990s.

Linguistics and History

Our courses on linguistic subjects draw on the cutting-edge research carried out at the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, one of the largest linguistics institutes in the world. Courses on modern Russian society and its historical background are embedded in the Leiden University Institute for History, which has a special focus on the study of non-European societies in a global context.

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Tutorials
  • Self-study
  • Internship options
  • Exams
  • Peer feedback and assessment
  • Essays, reports
  • Oral presentations
  • Thesis

Detailed programme

For a detailed programme, see the e-Prospectus. Please note that this guide applies to the current academic year, which means that the curriculum for next year may slightly differ.

Jos Schaeken

Professor of Slavic and Baltic Languages

Jos Schaeken

“There is a growing need for specialists in Russian language and culture.”

A major player

“I want to stimulate young people to make unorthodox study choices such as the MA in Russian and Eurasian Studies. There is a need for specialists in these areas. Russia is an emerging economy that is going to become a major player, just like China, India and Brazil. Russia is also very close by and already our partners in the sphere of culture. It is extremely important that people have knowledge of the language and culture of Russia if they are going to work with or come into contact with this country in the future."

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