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Global Order in Historical Perspective (MA)

The master Global Order in Historical Perspective at Leiden University focuses on examining the historical processes behind the evolution of the global order.

Explore world orders

During this master's programme you will gain insights into the pursuit of global justice and the variety of ethics, ideologies, institutions and norms that underpin the international political system. You will engage with different trajectories of states, organisations and peoples, examining how they are manifested in power relations and interact at different points across time to create different forms of world order(s).

Humanties focus

You will draw on a multiplicity of perspectives and expertise across the Area Studies of the Faculty of Humanities, and examine a range of different issues, from politics and ideologies to the evolution of international law and diplomacy, the emergence of civil society and the rise on non-state actors. The MA also explores the development of institutions such as the UN, which structure interactions and power relations within the international system.

Additional MA in International Affairs

During your studies, you are eligible to apply to the prestigious MA in International Affairs at the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University in Bologna.

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