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Global Conflict in the Modern Era (MA)

The master Global Conflict in the Modern Era at Leiden University engages you with the scholarly debates about global conflict today and in the recent past.

Explore patterns of war and peace

In the Global Conflict in the Modern Era master programme you will explore the patterns of war and peace in the modern world from a multidisciplinary angle, incorporating history, political and social science and area expertise. The programme examines the core concepts and dominant approaches to the study of war, as well as more recent and critical takes on these phenomena. You will also study the theoretical and empirical explanations for war and peace that have been offered by the academic scholarship.

Benefit from unique expertise

Not only will the programme invite you to investigate classical texts and approaches to war and peace but also, terrorism, insurgency and genocide as prevalent modes of violent expression will feature in the curriculum. Are these phenomena for example driven by political considerations, as traditional approaches have suggested or are there other explanations for the use of violence? You will benefit from the close contacts between the University and national and international government institutions in The Hague, as well as the unique wealth of area studies available at Leiden University.

Additional MA in International Affairs

During your studies, you are eligible to apply to the prestigious MA in International Affairs at the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University in Bologna.

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