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Russian and Eurasian Studies (MA)

Career prospects

Create a world of opportunities with a master's degree from Leiden University

What our graduates do

The master’s programme in Russian and Eurasian Studies degree is a qualification that will open doors to a wide range of careers.

Our graduates have found positions as:

  • Academic staff member for Eastern European collection at an international legal library
  • Political editor at a governmental information service
  • Regional coordinator at a human rights organisation
  • Librarian of Eastern European material at an international legal archive
  • Partner for management and business development at a trading company
  • Junior consultant at a software company
  • Information manager at a network organisation of consultants and policy experts
  • Project manager/policy advisor at a public management association
  • Communications officer at an NGO

Your qualifications

An increasing number of companies, non-profit organisations and government institutions are exploring the Russian market as a fertile location for their products and services. This has led to an bigger demand for graduates with expertise in Russia and a solid command of the Russian language. As a graduate of the master’s programme in Russian and Eurasian Studies, you will be qualified to meet this demand, with a range of career prospects that are both directly and indirectly related to your studies.

Tatiana Kleerebezem-Egorova

Graduated in MA Russian and Eurasian Studies

Tatiana Kleerebezem-Egorova

"During the final period of my studies I managed to find a decent starter’s function in a visa bureau which cooperates with the Russian Consulate in the Hague. Recently I found a new job as office manager at Uranium One. It is an international company which is engaged in mining, production and sale of uranium. As it operates among others in Russia and Kazakhstan I deal with the Russian language and Russian-speaking people every day."

Expanding my knowledge

"Russian and Eurasian Studies offered me a good opportunity to expand my knowledge about Russia and its neighbouring countries in the sphere of politics, economics and culture. Moreover, thanks to well-qualified teachers, I was able to develop my analytical skills and critical thinking. I should mention that I found these studies both personal and flexible. There was always space for your own interests in the field. In addition, student union MOST organises many activities which help to create a warm and friendly atmosphere among the students. I truly enjoyed studying at Leiden University and doing this MA programme."

A Leiden University degree

Leiden University Master's graduates are sought-after employees at (inter)national organisations. Our graduates are known for their combination of robust academic training, in-depth and relevant knowledge, and critical, multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

The graphs below are based on alumni data from the MA in European languages and cultures.

In which sector do students find jobs?

  • 40.0 % Education
  • 12.0 % Culture, sports and recreation
  • 12.0 % Government and semi-government organisations
  • 8.0 % Non-profit (e.g. at an idealistic organisation)
  • 8.0 % Business services
  • 8.0 % ICT
  • 12.0 % Miscellaneous

How successful are they in finding a job?

  • 88.0 % found a job within two months
  • 90.0 % found their first job at academic level

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