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Experience Day: being a Humanities student for a day

What is it like to study at the Humanities Faculty of Leiden University? Soon-to-be students experienced a day at university during the Experience Day 2017 and found out what studying really is about.

Felicia van Leeuwen (20) – Arts, Media & Society

"I'm interested in the connection between media and the arts, I even did a school research project about the influence of social media on art. When I read about this study programme online, it immediately spoke to me. It's an English-language programme, and I like that you'll be in an international classroom. During the Experience Day I liked to see how passionate the lecturers spoke about their subjects."

Meike Bongers (17) – Philosophy

"I'm still doubting between studying Business Studies or Philosophy. I enjoyed the Experience Day for Philosophy a lot. The class we got on 'a happy life', was really interesting. What I like is that because you get to experience the city, the people and the buildings you really get an image of whether this study is for you or not."

Ingrid Douma (24) - Linguistics

"I love to puzzle with language and Linguistics in Leiden is the only university in The Netherlands that offers Indo European as a specialisation, which is the language base upon which many other languages are built. Coming to the Experience Day gave me a much better image of Linguistics. I think I will sign up to study here!"

Missed the Experience Day?

The next Experience Day will be held on February 18th, 2018. Sign up here.

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