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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges (BA/BSc)

Fees and Finances

When you decide to study at LUC The Hague you need to consider certain fees and costs.

The costs of studying at Leiden University College consist of several components. Please review them. Detailed descriptions of each cost can be found below

Costs 2021-2022
Costs 2021-2022 EU/EEA citizents Non-Eu Citizents
Statuatory Tuition Fee €2.168 €11.800
Institutional Fee €2.485 €2.485
Housing monthly cost (average rent including rent subsidy deduction*) €400 €400
Campus Fee €520 €520

* Rent subsidy needs to be applied for by the student, and one qualifies based on individual situations. All students and apartments are eligible to apply. 

The tuition fees of LUC The Hague have two elements:

  • Tuition fee

All students are required by Dutch law to pay the tuition fee. The amount depends on your nationality. Please see the table below.

  • Institutional fee

All LUC students have to pay an additional institutional fee, which covers the additional costs of small class sizes, academic advisors, study advisors, student psychologists, student's Fortuna membership, college-wide events and additional facilities and services.

Tuition Fees 2021-2022
Type of Cost EU/EEA student Non-EU student
Tuition Fee €2.168 €11.800
Institutional Fee €2.485 €2.485


For more information which tuition fee applies to you, please go to the following website.

Apart from the Institutional fee and the statutory tuition fee, LUC charges a non-refundable Campus fee to students in the first two years of the program. This fee is first used in order to reserve the spot of the applicant during the selection and admission phase. Once a student is fully enrolled, the fee is used as a contribution towards the costs of the residential program. These include:

  • The costs of staff involved in the residential program, such as the Student Life Officer, Resident Assistants, and support staff. 
  • Facility costs related to the residential areas. 

The fee in 2021 is €520 Euro. The fee is subject to change on an annual basis. 

First year students pay this fee during the application process, in order to confirm their spot at LUC. Second year students will receive an invoice to be paid before the start of the first semester of their second year (starting as of 2022). 

In exceptional cases students may be exempted from paying the Campus fee:

  • Exemption from the Campus fee as part of an LUC financial support package. 
  • Resident Assistants living on campus (second or third year students). 

All first and second year LUC students live together on our campus in The Hague.

When you enroll at LUC you wil;l receive a housing contract for a period of 24 months. This means you have your studio apartment throughout summers, and winter holidays as well. You will only move out oof LUC in the summer of your second year.

LUC offers single studio apartments. The studio includes a kitchen counter, bathroom and living/sleeping area and is fully furnished.

The rent per month for this type of room is €575,26* including service costs. All students who are 18 years and older are eligible for rent subsidy from the Dutch government. The rent subsidy is approximately €185 per month and can be used to cover part of the rent.

* The rent is subject to change on a yearly basis

Living expenses can only be estimated as this largely depends on your individual life style. These expenses include but are not limited to health insurance costs, food, transportation and leisure activities.

Overview of costs
Type of cost Average amount in €/ month
Food, clothes, phone costs €300-€400
Health Insurance €40-€120
Transportation €40-€100
Study material €20-€50
Social activities €70-€100
Total €490-€770

Some students may be able to request financial support from the government for health insurance costs, as well as a travel component.

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