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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges (BA/BSc)

Application and Selection

All applicants to LUC go through a selection process. You will enter the process by applying in Studielink, and submitting a complete application in the Leiden University application portal.

The Procedure

The application and selection for LUC's programme consists of several steps and phases. View these step-by-step plans on how to apply through Studielink using either:

  • DigiD
  • A European login method
  • A username and password after creating an account

To understand what you need to do and submit for LUC in the application portal, please view this manual. There is a separate webpage with additional information regarding the required documents.

If you want to know more about the selection at LUC, please click on the items below.

Application Phases

The first phase in the selection process is to assess whether you have a diploma that is considered sufficient for admission and how likely it is that you will meet the admission requirements. If you do not meet the minimum diploma requirements, you will be informed. Complete applications with a positive review are evaluated by LUC’s Admissions Committee. 

The Admissions Committee holistically reviews your application to determine whether you are a good fit for the programme. Your application is evaluated on the following items. 

It is not possible to interview all applicants and the Admissions Committee will select a number of applicants to go through to the admission interview phase. 

If you are selected by the Admissions Committee for an admission interview, you will be invited for an online interview through Microsoft Teams. The Admissions Office will provide you with the necessary practical information for your interview in the interview invitation. You will be able to select your own interview date and time through an online booking system. Check the interview period for each deadline under Application deadlines to make sure you know when interviews take place. 

The interview is in English and will be conducted by one LUC The Hague academic staff member. It is designed to assess your potential and motivation for LUC's Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges programme. Our academic staff are looking for students who are self-motivated but also enthusiastic about what is on offer at LUC and especially the theme of Global Challenges. Make sure that you take your time to read through the website, the content of the programme and what you have answered in your motivation letter, before the interview takes place. 

Based on the evaluation of the Admissions Committee, which also includes the interview results, and compared to all other applicants, the Dean of LUC The Hague makes a decision regarding admission to LUC’s programme. You may either be offered a place in the programme, re-considered in the second round of admissions, or receive a rejection.

Please note that it is not possible to defer the start date of your studies if you receive an offer. Should you wish to start the following academic year, you will have to re-apply.  

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