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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges (BA/BSc)

Application procedure

In order to apply for Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges at LUC The Hague you will need to follow the application procedure. Please note that all applicants must submit additional documents in the Leiden University application portal in addition to applying in Studielink.

Below you will find additional information regarding each step in the application procedure. After you have submitted your enrolment request in Studielink, you will receive three automatic messages from Leiden University:

Please note that the order in which you receive these three messages may differ. It may take up to a day to submit your application in Studielink and to get access to the application portal. For more information regarding the different steps, please click on the items below.

Application Procedure

All students applying for a bachelor’s programme at Leiden University will need to start their application in Studielink. Please view our application manual and follow the steps in order to submit your enrolment request successfully via Studielink.

Please note that submitting an enrolment request in Studielink, is not sufficient for admission. You will need to continue your application in the application portal.

In order to get access to the application portal, you will need to activate your account. Within 24 hours after submitting your application in Studielink, you will receive an initial email called UCLN Account registration with your username (note that this email is not sent directly after submitting in Studielink). With this information, you need to activate your account by following this easy manual.

After you have successfully activated your account, you will need to submit your documents for admission through the application portal. The portal provides an overview of what you have to do to complete your application for the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme. Please use the LUC application manual to guide yourself through the portal.

The following documents need to be uploaded:

  •     Copy of valid passport/ID card
  •     Curriculum Vitae following the requirements set by LUC
  •     Motivation letter following the requirements set by LUC
  •     Copy of your most recent transcript that includes grades of 2018-2019
  •     Copy of your grades of the last two years
  •     LUC Application form Liberal Arts and Sciences
  •     Proof of €50 application fee transfer (if applicable)
  •     Proof of English proficiency (if applicable)
  •     Recommendation letter (submitted directly by the school/teacher/counselor)

Please note that you can only upload PDF documents. All other types of documents cannot be uploaded.

For most documents there is a specific section under which you need to upload these documents. Please refer to the application manual for more detailed information. The required documents tab has more detailed information about each document.

After you have uploaded all required documents, you can submit your application. If an item is not filled out, you will not be allowed to submit your application and the application documents. Make sure that you do not only ‘save’ uploaded documents. The Admissions Office only processes applications and documents that have been submitted. Within a couple of days, the Admissions Office will confirm the receipt of your application.

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