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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges (BA/BSc)

Application procedure

In addition to applying in Studielink, all applicants must submit additional documents in the Leiden University application portal before or on the application deadline.

Below you will find additional information regarding each step in the application procedure. Please note that it may take a few days to submit your application in Studielink and to get access to the application portal. Make sure you start your application several days before the final deadline in order to be able to submit your application in the Leiden University application portal on time.

After you have submitted your enrolment request in Studielink, you will receive three automatic messages from Leiden University. Please note that the order in which you receive these three messages may differ.

Application steps

Please view our studielink manual and follow the steps in order to submit your enrolment request successfully via StudielinkSubmitting an enrolment request in Studielink, is not sufficient for admission and you need to continue your application in the Leiden University application portal.

Please note that your identity needs to be verified in Studielink. This can be done through your DigiD. If you do not have a DigiD (this is the case for most non-Dutch students), you will be required to upload a copy of your valid passport or European ID card in Studielink. You can find more information about the verification of your identity through Studielink on this webpage.

Within 24 hours after submitting your application in Studielink, you will receive an initial email called ULCN Account registration with your username (note that this email is not sent directly after submitting in Studielink). With this information, you need to activate your account by following this easy manual.

You may be requested to add extra security to your account to protect your personal information. More information on how to select your preferred option and how to get access to the Online Application Portal once the extra security is in place, you can find here.

This page has more detailed information about each document. In the application manual you can see which documents you need to upload where as there are specific sections. You need to upload the required documents in the application portal. You can find the link to the application portal in the menu on the right.

Please note that you can only upload PDFs.

After you have uploaded all required documents, you need to submit your application. Make sure you check the application deadlines before you apply. The application portal will not allow you to submit your application if not all required documents are uploaded. The Admissions Office only processes submitted applications and within a couple of days, you will receive a confirmation of the receipt.

Please note only complete applications will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. You will receive a confirmation when your application is complete.

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