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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges (BA/BSc)

Required documents

In order to complete your application for the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at LUC The Hague, you will need to submit additional documents.

These documents need to be uploaded in the Leiden University application portal. All documents apart from the copy of passport/ID card need to be submitted in English. Documents not issued in English will need to be translated by a sworn translator or by the school/ institution itself. The translation needs to be added to the original document and both need to be submitted. However, grade lists/transcripts issued in either Dutch, German or French are accepted in the original language without a translation.

Required Documents

Please make sure you upload the copy of your passport (picture page only) or ID card with which you want to register at the university.

  • If you have an EU passport, and additional nationalities, please make sure you upload the EU passport.
  • If you upload your ID card, please make sure you scan both sides of the document.
  • If you have a residence permit card for The Netherlands, please makle sure you upload a copy of the front and back together with your passport.

All students are required to upload a Curriculum Vitae following the requirements set by LUC. This is to ensure that we get the necessary information to assess your file.

Please follow the requirements set by LUC for the Motivation Letter. This is a very important part of the admissions process as it is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the Admissions committee and what motivates you to study at LUC The Hague.

You must upload official transcripts from your school and if applicable school diploma. You will need to request your transcripts from the last two years including your latest grades from 2019-2020. Predicted grades alone are not sufficient.

Dutch students who will obtain their VWO diploma need to upload an official transcript that states their SE average for each course from the last three years (year 4,5 and 6).

On each transcript the issue date needs to be clearly stated, including the student's name.

All students applying for the programme Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges at Leiden University College The Hague are required to fill out this LUC Application form Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges. This filled out form needs to be uploaded in the online application portal.

There are five sections to be filled out:

  1. Personal information
  2. English proficiency
  3. Mathematics proficiency
  4. Application fee
  5. Signature

Please check the admission requirements on our website for more information regarding entry requirements for English and Mathematics. Fill out the form accoridng to the category that applies to your education.

1. If you (will) fall in one of the following categories you are exempted from paying any kind of application fee when you apply:

Diploma Type

VWO diploma from a Dutch institute of higher education

Bachelor’s degree from a Dutch university or “hogeschool”

Registration as a SAP/Exchange student for a degree programme at Leiden University

Propedeutical diploma from a Dutch university or “hogeschool”

VWO diploma from Aruba, Curaçao or St. Maarten

European Baccalaureate diploma with Dutch as language 1 (NE Taal 1)


2. If you do not fall under one of the options above, you will be required to pay a €50 application fee. Please note that this application fee is different from all other Leiden University programmes for which you pay a fee of €100. The LUC fee only covers the application to LUC The Hague. The application fee is non-refundable. Please upload to the Leiden University application portal proof of payment. You can find more details of the correct bank account to transfer the application fee in the LUC Application form Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges.

All applicants need to prove their English proficiency. Please refer to the English proficiency categories in the LUC Application form Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges to learn what category applies to you.

All students who fall in category C, but also students in category B are strongly advised to take an English proficiency test as soon as possible, preferably to have these results by the time of applying.

Make sure to also fill out the English proficiency section in the LUC Application form Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges accordingly.

The recommendation letter from one of your teachers is one item which is required but you cannot upload in the application portal.  Teachers can write their own recommendation letter on school paper or fill out the recommendation form provided.

Your teacher needs to send the filled out recommendation form or written letter directly to the Admissions Office by email using the school's email address. The Admissions Office will add it to your file under a section which is not accessible to students as the recommendation letter is a confidential document.

After we have received a recommendation letter and you have uploaded all required documents, you will receive a confirmation from the Admissions Office that your application is complete and it will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

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