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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges (BA/BSc)

Student Support

LUC has unique support systems for academic support but also personal support to guide you through your time at LUC.

Academic Support

LUC’s academic support system pairs you with a member of the academic staff for guidance throughout your programme. You will get a first year academic adviser to help you in your transition to LUC and academic life.

You will become part of a student mentor group throughout your first year, whom you will meet in order to make sure you are on track.

After your first year, once you have chosen a major, you can contact any major-specific professor for advice regarding your major.  

The study advisors are responsible for advising students on the practical aspects of their academic choices: study load, graduation requirements, study plan, what to do in case of extenuating circumstances, advice on rules and regulations. The study advisors also monitor all students to ensure their study progress.

If needed, the study advisors can refer the student to the Student Life Officer, the Student Life Counselors or other professionals within Leiden University. Conversations with the study advisors are confidential.

Adjusting to university life and college culture can be quite a challenge. Besides the academic support, you also have access to personal and emotional support. 

Personal Support

The Student Life Officer is in charge of all residential aspects of student life and oversees the Resident Assistant team. 


There is one Resident Assistant, a senior LUC student, on each floor. They are the first point of contact for students' personal matters but are also in charge of creating a community feeling on each floor. You will quickly get to know your neighbours through the many floor dinners and events organised by the RA. Floor activities are a big part of the LUC community experience. 

The Student Life Counselors provide emotional and psychological support and are available  throughout the week. These services are limited and students may be referred to an external service if needed further assistance. 


For more information on living at LUC - please check here

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